Whether you’re planning the vacation of a lifetime or a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, you want the most fun for your travel dollar and the best adventure you can get. However you define that adventure, we’ve built this blog to offer you the tips, scoops, great ideas, and insider shortcuts that can make your trip an extraordinary success. We want to help you save money, eliminate red tape and hassles, find hidden gems at your favorite destinations, and discover new places to explore and enjoy. Our practical suggestions will slim down your list things to pack or to leave at home, point out ways to ease the pathway through security and customs, talk about great restaurants and hotels, and a host of other secrets we’re happy to share.
Vacations do more than give you a chance to disconnect from the routine grind of everyday life. They show you scenes that otherwise only exist in your imagination, or in the pages of a website or book. They introduce you to cultures you otherwise wouldn’t see, and help you connect with the fundamental humanity of people everywhere. In fact, one of the aspects of travel that we love the most is its ability to remind us of just how much we share with the strangers we meet on vacations, people who live in societies very different from our own.
You can rely on our blog to share the practical wisdom of travel veterans, along with the attitudes that we pack every time we reach for our suitcases, including our commitment to enjoy every minute we spend going places.
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